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The company Ltd has been working at the foundation of your safety for many years, offering a wide range of the highest quality products for microbiology. Cooperation with universities in Lodz and research and development centers from all over the country allowed for targeting the microbiological profile of the plant.

The company has a long tradition of manufacturing:  

  • peptones - meat, yeast and malt extracts, enzymatic hydrolysates of animal tissue and casein
  • pepsin for pharma industry and veterinary control
  • microbiological media for cultivation and diagnostics in different forms  

Our company assortment also includes:

  • chemical reagents
  • indicators for sterilization control
  • hygiene tests for surface and air control (RODAC type)
  •  kits for Salmonella control
  •  simple and disposable laboratory equipment     

Currently, the company operates on the basis of a certified Quality Management System in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015-10 and PN-EN ISO 13485: 2016-04 standards and the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice, with particular emphasis on maintaining hygienic and sanitary requirements. 

The BTL company is made up of a team of highly experienced people who each day pursue the common goal of full customer satisfaction of the company.


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